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For Millionaires Only Volumes One and Two


Brand New and Sealed
For Millionaires Only
20 Track
Northern Soul CD
New & Sealed

Bobby Kline

Volume 1

Say Something Nice To Me

Jimmy Wallace

I'll Be Back

Heartaches I Can Take

The Soul Set
Will You Ever Learn


Girls Are Against Me

Bobby Adams

That's The Kind Of Man I Am

The Dogs

Soul Step

The Magnetics

Heart, You're Made Of Stone

Tommy Ridgley
My Love Gets Stronger

Tina Roberts
One Way Or The Other

Johnny Summers
I Can't Let Go

Carol Fredricks
I Couldn't Care Less

Bring Your Fine Self Home

The Colt 45s
Lady Lady

William Powell

Heartache Souvenirs

Eric Mercury & The Soul Searchers
Lonely Girl

Joanne Courcey
I Got The Power

Gene Toones
What More Do You Want

Johnny Honeycutt
I'm Coming Over

The Antiques

For Millionaires Only Vol 2
20 Track CD

Northern Soul

New & Sealed

1. All Of My Life - Four Temples

2. Lady In Green - Magnetics

3. Johnny On The Spot - Edwards, Dennis

4. It's Better - Alexander, Reggie

5. Tough Girl (INST) - Arnell, Billy

6. Dancin' A Hole In The World - Delphs, Jimmy

7. You Had Me Fooled - Woods, Danny

8. What About Me - Herman, Sonny

9. Deceived - Ruby

10. Showstopper - Cashmeres

11. Don't Leave Me Baby - Limelights

12. What's My Chances - Flamingo, Chuck

13. Nothing You Can Do - Womack, Bobby

14. I've Got Something Of Value - Rey, Eddie

15. Love's Such A Funny Thing - Wesley, John

16. I Check The Mailbox - Curtis, Debbie

17. There's Room For Me - Davis, Jesse

18. Crazy - Tee, John

19. Love Is A Trap - Robinson, Cleveland

20. Image Of A Man - Quintessents

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